Regional limited face mask "Tohoku Lulurun (cherry scent)"

"Tohoku Lululun (cherry scent)" will be released on June 22nd from the regional face mask "Travel Lululun". Available at souvenir shops near Yamagata Prefecture (sales stores will be expanded gradually).

Lululun to travel

A product developed as a face mask limited to the region by finding "material = the secret of beauty" that can only be encountered in that region. You can pass on your memories of your trip as a "souvenir face mask". So far, we have developed 24 kinds using various ingredients and plants such as Okinawa's Shikuwasa, Tokyo's Jiuqu, and Nagano's Shine Muscat.

Tohoku Lulurun (cherry scent)

I often hear that there are many beautiful women in the Tohoku region, such as Akita Bijin, Tsugaru Bijin and Nanbu Bijin in Aomori Prefecture, and Shonai Bijin in Yamagata Prefecture. Lululun pays attention to this "reason why there are so many beautiful women in the Tohoku region".

What I paid attention to as the secret of beautiful skin was the fruit grown under the blessings of the earth in the Tohoku region and the lifestyle of daily intake of the fresh fruit. Lululun has been developing products with the aim of creating a face mask that leads to "fine-textured skin like people living in Tohoku."

Cherry, apple, la France

Contains Yamagata cherry extract (sweet cherry fruit extract), which is a skin conditioning ingredient, Aomori apple extract (apple fruit extract), which is a firm and glossy ingredient, and La France extract (pear branch extract), which is a moisturizing ingredient. It brings out the original beauty of the skin and leads to fresh and glossy skin. The estimated price is 1,760 yen (tax included) for 7 pieces x 5 bags.

Traveling Lululun WEB limited sale

Area-limited products for which priority measures such as emergency declarations and spread prevention that cannot be traveled due to corona damage are being announced will be sold exclusively on the WEB from 10 o'clock on June 18 to 23:59 on June 20 at the official online store of Lululun. Target products are Hokkaido (lavender, melon, honey, haskap), Tokyo (糀), Hakone (rose, hydrangea), Kyoto (tea flowers, maiko skin), Ise (Sakaki, pearl), Setouchi (lemon), Kyushu (Kyushu) Watermelon, Amaou), Okinawa (Acerola, Shikuwasa, Tsukimo, Aloe).

Traveling Lulurun series

* Tohoku Lulurun (cherry scent) is not sold.