"Naive SPORTS" Body Soap & Foam Body Soap

A limited number of "Naive SPORTS", which removes sweat, sebum, and odor stains after exercise, were released on July 9th, from "Naive" body soap and foam body soap, which are 100% plant-based to wash. Available at drug stores and supermarkets nationwide. The price is open.


Body soap & foam body soap containing "odor cleansing ingredient" that removes sweat, sebum, and odor stains after exercise. The cool-down formula containing menthol (cooling ingredient) realizes the refreshing and refreshing washability that is the most distinctive feature of the brand. The refreshing aquatic citrus scent is perfect after sports.

"Naive SPORTS" Body Soap & Foam Body Soap

Contains "tea leaf extract + glycerin" as a moisturizing ingredient. It leads to fresh and smooth skin. 100% plant-based wash ingredients, no colorings, mineral oils, parabens or silicones.

The package is designed to depict a total of eight sports (marathon, baseball, bicycle, table tennis, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf) including pumps and refills. It also creates the fun of choosing your favorite sport.

"Naive SPORTS" body soap & foam body soap design