Twilight Glow from the Incoco "Brilliant Moment" collection

A limited number of "Brilliant Moment" collections will be released on July 21st from the just-paste manicure "Incoco". We develop four glittering designs. Each 8 sizes x 2 sheets are included and the price is 1,100 yen (tax included).

Steel Blaze

Monotone lamenail with dark gray dots on a silver base color. The large size dot pattern gives a pop impression. One point of lady fashion and combination with one color nail are also recommended.

Steel Blaze from the Incoco "Brilliant Moment" collection

Twilight glow

A shimmer nail with a slight gray gradation on soft pastel pink. On the surface of the fantastic color scheme like the sunrise, fine color glitter is applied, and it shines modestly depending on the angle.

Twilight Glow from the Incoco "Brilliant Moment" collection

Meteor Glow

Gradation nails with beautiful pale amber, white, and light blue glitter. When you move your finger, you can see the glitter of the glitter that is different from the glitter, and it looks like a meteor that glitters in the night sky. The cool design also looks great on foot nails.

Meteor Glow from the Incoco "Brilliant Moment" collection

Evening rose

A surrounding nail with a Bordeaux border on the outline other than the tip, based on Nudy's dull pink. The elegant color and the fresh luster of the top coat make your fingertips look beautiful.

Evening Rose from the Incoco "Brilliant Moment" collection


Just stick the nail polish "Incoco" is a nail polish sheet made from liquid nail polish. Base color top coat is condensed into one piece. The thin and soft sheet has excellent extensibility and fits snugly just by fitting it on your nails. The excess part can be cut with your fingertips without using tools such as scissors, so it can be used for both manicure and pedicure.

Manicure "Incoco" just by pasting