Majorica Majorca "Rush Expander Long Long Long EX"

From the self-makeup brand "Majorica Mallorca", the mascara "Rush Expander Long Long Long EX" that finishes long eyelashes will be released on August 21st. The official brand fan club "MAJOLIPIA" will be available for pre-sale to members from early August. The estimated price is 1,210 yen (tax included).

Rush Expander Long Long Long EX

Focus on the fact that women in their teens and 20s are looking for a long-finished mascara that makes their lashes look longer in order to make their eyes look bigger. Introducing "Rush Expander Long Long Long EX", which has evolved the curl keeping power of the popular mascara "Rush Expander Long Long Long" for beautiful long eyelashes.

Majorica Majorca "Rush Expander Long Long Long EX"

By applying a new combination of "ultra-light smooth liquid" mascara liquid with a comb, "LLL fiber" is smoothly entwined with the eyelashes, and beautiful long eyelashes curled upward last for a long time. Waterproof type that is resistant to sweat, sebum, and tears. Contains treatment ingredients that care for your important eyelashes.

BK999 Define Black Shadow Play

BR606 Raspberry Brown Pressed Flower

RD505 Cassis Burgundy

OR505 Vintage Orange Stride

A total of 4 colors with brown colors added to the development of only black so far. Wider variety of eye makeup.

Majorica Majorca "Rush Expander Long Long Long EX"