"Lion Children's Toothpaste Gari-Gari-kun Soda Flavor" Appears again this year --Coke Flavor

"Lion Children's Toothpaste Gari-Gari-kun Soda Flavor" and "Lion Children's Toothpaste Gari-Gari-kun Cola Flavor" that adopted the flavor and character of the ice lolly "Garigari-kun" are now available from Lion. It will be sold in limited quantities from July 30th. The capacity is 40g (1.41oz) and the retail price is open.

Lion Children Toothpaste Soda Flavor / Cola Flavor

A limited quantity product that faithfully reproduces the flavor of Akagi Nyugyo's popular ice lolly "Gari-Gari-kun". There are two types of lineup, the classic summer soda flavor and the popular cola flavor. The package uses an original illustration of "Gari-Gari-kun" happily brushing his teeth. Three types of each flavor are available. Contains "fluorine (sodium fluoride)", a medicinal ingredient that creates strong teeth that are resistant to acid and prevents tooth loss.

Lion has been developing "Gari-Gari-kun" shavings every year since 2012, and in addition to soda flavor and cola flavor, pine flavor, pear flavor, and lemon squash flavor have also appeared so far. Children are evaluated as "enjoying brushing their teeth" and "voluntarily brushing their teeth".