Sarabeth's LUMINE Shinjuku store Mickey's T-shirt & tote bag --Cute figure with panque

LUMINE Shinjuku store of New York restaurant "Sarabeth" participates in "Disney PERFECT DATE Collection" campaign. Two limited edition original goods will be on sale with a new design featuring the art of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse drawn for the campaign. The sale period is from July 26th to August 31st.

Sarabeth "Disney Perfect Date Collection" Goods

"Sarabeth" LUMINE Shinjuku store will be held with Walt Disney Japan from July 26th to August 31st at the three buildings of "LUMINE Shinjuku", "LUMINE EST Shinjuku" and "Newman Shinjuku" operated by LUMINE Co., Ltd. Participated in the "Disney PERFECT DATE Collection" campaign. During the campaign period, two types of original goods, "Sarabeth's x Disney High Quality T-shirt" and "Sarabeth's x Disney Canvas Pipe Handle Tote Bag" will be on sale. Both are designs unique to collaboration with Sarabeth, featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse art that show a cute look with a pancake in their hands, and accented with the Sarabeth logo tag. It's a cute yet stylish item that doesn't look too childish and has a Sarabeth-like flair.

During the campaign period, limited decorations will be displayed in the show window next to the Sarabeth store. Introducing the decorations of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from the Disney PERFECT DATE Collection, which were drawn in "Completely Original".

Sarabeth Lumine Shinjuku Store Original Goods

Sale period: July 26th-August 31st, 2021 Items for sale:
・ "Sarabeth's x Disney High Quality T-shirt" (color development: white / ash, one size fits all) 4,200 yen ・ "Sarabeth's x Disney canvas pipe handle tote bag" (color: natural) 4,800 yen shop

About "Sarabeth"

"Sarabeth's" was founded in 1981 in the Upper West Side of New York by a woman from New York, Sarabeth Levine. Popular for its "healthy and rich" flavors of traditional American breakfast menus such as fruit spreads (sweetened fruit jams with low sugar), French toast, pancakes, egg benedict, and waffles made with family-friendly recipes. is. Selected as New York's No. 1 dessert restaurant by the restaurant rating guide "Zagat" and praised by "New York Magazine" as "The Queen of Breakfast in NY", many celebrities also visited and starred in the movie "It's Complicated". It is also famous for teaching cooking to Mr. Meryl Streep. Currently, we have 11 stores in the United States, 1 store in Dubai, 1 store in Seoul, 4 stores in Taiwan, and 4 stores in Japan (Shinjuku / Shinagawa / Tokyo / Nagoya).