Parfums Christian Dior Fall Collection 2021 "Birds of Afeather"

Parfums Christian Dior will pre-sale Fall Collection 2021 "Birds of Afeather" at some limited stores and Dior official online boutiques on July 28th. Released nationwide on July 30th.

Birds of Afeather

A collection inspired by the colors of nature as the seasons change. Autumn colors and polarized pearl accents give you a new make-up.

・ Sanctuary Couture [Birds of Afeather]
Eye shadow with a delicate feather pattern design. The new polarized pearl effect recreates the iridescent luster of bird feathers and the changing autumn tones as the seasons deepen. Two limited-edition colors, the "459 Nightbird", which is inspired by the feathers of a peacock and has glittering glitter like a rainbow, and the "659 Early Bird", which is beautiful like the feathers of a bird dyed in the morning sun. The price is 8,580 yen (tax included, same below).

Dior "Thank Cruul Couture [Birds of Afeather]"

・ Diorshow 24H Stylo Waterproof
An eyeliner with a beautiful finish that lasts for 24 hours. Three limited-edition colors: "496 Iridescent Bronze" that shines in khaki and purple, "796 Iridescent Tope" that adds brightness with the brilliance of red and fuchsia pink, and "836 Pearly Platine" that is a platinum pink with beautiful polarized pearls. The price is 3,300 yen.

Diorshow 24H Stylo Waterproof

・ Dior Skin Rouge Blush [Birds of Afeather]
Graceful teak with feathers designed. A limited number of two colors, the pop "462 Coral Flight" that adds a complexion to the cheeks with a single application, and the beige pink "468 Nude Glide" that has beautiful glitter and is familiar to the skin. The price is 6,600 yen.

Dior Skin Rouge Blush [Birds of Afeather]

・ Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge
A lipstick that is light and comfortable to wear while developing color for a long time. Limited quantity of 2 colors, "363 Ultra Cute" and "626 Ultra Wild". The price is 4,620 yen.

Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge

・ Two limited-quantity colors of Rouge Dior Ultra Liquid "483 Glide" and "733 Swift". The price is 4,620 yen.

Rouge Dior Ultra Liquid

・ Rouge Dior Graphist
A pencil lipstick that is soft and light and allows you to design your lips with a single application. Limited quantity of 3 colors of "004 Vibrant Nude", "344 Vibrant Coral" and "974 Vibrant Plum". The price is 4,620 yen.

Rouge Dior Graphist

・ Dior Vernis [Birds of Afeather]
Nail whose color changes depending on the polarized pearl. Limited quantity of 3 colors of "811 Wild Wings", "812 Early Bird" and "814 Night Bird". The price is 3,300 yen.

Dior Vernis [Birds of Afeather]