Canmake "Colorful Nails" Limited 5 Colors

From Canmake, 5 colors limited to "Colorful Nails" that stylishly color your fingertips and 3 colors limited to "Cream Cheek (Pearl Type)" that are resistant to rubbing are on sale from the end of July.

Colorful nails

We are particular about ease of application and adopt a cap length that is easy to hold. It has a characteristic that it spreads in a fan shape when it is applied with a flat brush that has a good liquid content and is less likely to become uneven. When used with Nail Hardener (NNH), Top Coat (NTC), and Base Coat (NBC), the beautiful color lasts longer. We have a lineup of calm dull colors that are easy to use not only for summer foot nails but also for autumn. The price is 396 yen (tax included).

N55 Chai Tea Latte

Exquisite light brown.

Canmake "Colorful Nails" Limited Color "N55 Chai Tea Latte"

N56 olive green

Sheer olive green.

Canmake "Colorful Nails" Limited Color "N56 Olive Green"

N57 Indigo Blue

Calm dull blue.

Canmake "Colorful Nails" Limited Color "N57 Indigo Blue"

N58 Pistachio Yellow

Trendy pistachio yellow.

Canmake "Colorful Nails" Limited Color "N58 Pistachio Yellow"

N59 Kappa Brown

Bronze with a metallic shine with an orange tinge.

Canmake "Colorful Nails" Limited Color "N59 Copper Brown"

Cream blush (pearl type)

"Raw cheek" that adheres tightly to the skin and does not easily get twisted for a long time even when applied over the foundation. High-brightness beige pearls are blended in each color to give a moist and beautiful luster. Contains beauty moisturizing ingredients (squalane, jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil, canina rose fruit oil). Alcohol-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

P01 Peach Dazzle

A pink coral that naturally gives off a complexion.

"P01 Peach Dazzle" of Canmake "Cream Cheek (Pearl Type)"

P02 Rose petal

Rose pink that gives a calm adult woman a finish.

"P02 Rose Petal" from Canmake "Cream Cheek (Pearl Type)"

P03 Orange Terracotta

Orange brown with a sophisticated sex appeal.

"P03 Orange Terracotta" from Canmake "Cream Cheek (Pearl Type)"