"Steam cream" Moomin design

From the steam cream brand, two types of Moomin-designed "steam cream" with the theme of "tolerance" will be released on August 4th in limited quantities. The content is 75g (2.65oz) and the price is 1,848 yen (tax included).

Moomin & Snufkin with Garland

Moomintroll and Snufkin are very close friends. Moomin and Snufkin are designed to enjoy what they like without forcing each other to read a book or eat fruit while lying down in nature. It's as if Nyoro Nyoro and his friends are enjoying a good day together.

Steam cream "Moomin & Snufkin with Garland"

Moominpapa & Moominmamma with Garland

Moominpapa and Moominmamma celebrate the arrival of a new season while being soothed by the roses and other flowering gardens. A design that allows you to feel the generosity of the two.

Steam cream "Moominpapa & Moominmamma with Garland"

Steam cream

A moisturizing cream for the whole body with 98.5% natural ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. The balance of natural ingredients and the unique pure steam process (steam emulsification method) support the natural power of the skin with a light and highly permeable texture.

Oats, the raw material for steam cream, have long been used to moisturize and protect the skin since Roman times. Carefully selected extracts and vegetable oils extracted from grains according to the purpose. All products contain oats.

The main customers are the official steam cream online store, the permanent steam cream shop, the events of famous department stores nationwide, and some variety shops.

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