"Campus Diary" 2022 Edition --Limited Mimosa Pattern Standard Type, Durable Biz Type, etc.

The 2022 edition of the "Campus Diary" series, which is popular for its simple ruled content and writing comfort, is now available from KOKUYO. It will be sold sequentially from the middle of August. "Beginning of April" will be released sequentially from the end of January 2022.

Campus diary

The "Campus Diary", which went on sale in the 2004 edition, is a series featuring simple ruled content and a minimal page structure. It is supported by a wide range of people, from businessmen to housewives and students.

In the 2022 edition, a total of 36 product numbers with abundant variations are available. Including the simple standard type, the multi-sheet type with plenty of notebook pages that you can write freely, the soft ring type that uses a uniquely developed soft ring, the Biz type that matches the business scene, etc. You can choose according to your taste.

Featured Items in Campus Diary 2022

Campus Softling Diary

Campus diary

The "Soft Ring Diary," which went on sale in the 2020 edition, features a uniquely developed soft ring that does not hurt even if you touch it when writing, and plenty of notebook pages. The monthly ruled schedule includes 60 sheets (121 pages) and plenty of grid ruled notebook pages, so you can use it for your favorite purposes such as work, diary, and bullet journal.

The colors are black, pink (2022 edition only), blue & yellow (2022 edition only). The sizes are A5 and B6. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (excluding tax, the same applies below) is 1,200 yen for A5 and 1,100 yen for B6.

Standard type

Campus diary

A standard type with minimal monthly rules that has been loved for over 15 years since its release. The simplicity that is thin, light and not bulky is supported. It is a durable back cloth that can be used firmly for one year, and uses the same KOKUYO original base paper as the campus notebook for the inner paper, realizing the same peace of mind as a notebook.

The colors are blue, pink, and mimosa pattern (2022 edition only). The sizes are semi-B5, A5, B6, A6 (pink is semi-B5, A5, A6 / mimosa pattern is A5, B6, A6 only). The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 500 yen for the semi-B5, 450 yen for the A5, 430 yen for the B6, and 400 yen for the A6.

Grid rule type

Campus diary

A monthly type with grid lines that makes it easy to enter multiple schedules by dividing the squares. You can divide it into upper and lower parts and write it separately for yourself and your family, work and private, or use the □ on the left as a check box to make a to-do list, and use it according to your preference.

The colors are blue-green, pink, and black. The size is A5. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 450 yen.

Biz type

Campus diary

A durable "Biz type" with a color lineup that blends into the business scene and a cover. There are three types of layouts: "Monthly type", which has a monthly list, "Horizontal left type", which is suitable for people who want to write schedules and memos firmly, and "Vertical type", which allows you to write on a weekly spread / hourly basis.

The colors are "Biz Monthly Type" Black, Red, "Biz Horizontal Left Type" Dark Navy, Glossy Black, and "Biz Vertical Type" Dark Green. The size is A5. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 950 yen for monthly, 1,350 yen for horizontal left, and 1,350 yen for vertical.

Multi-note type

Campus diary

A type with plenty of notes that allows you to choose between grid and horizontal rules. It is a bound notebook type and has 40 notebook pages (80 pages). The cover has a transparent cover that can be used cleanly for one year.

The colors are black, craft, navy, and white. The size is A5. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 1,000 yen.

Notebook cover

Campus diary

A clear type notebook cover that can protect the cover of the campus diary, which was added as a standard from the 2021 edition. There are four sizes, B5, A5, B6, and A6. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 350 yen for B5, 300 yen for A5, 280 yen for B6, and 250 yen for A6.