Miffy pattern stationery in Villevan --30 points such as pen pouch and maste

Stationery designed by Miffy is now available at Village Vanguard Online Store. 30 points are lined up. Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from the end of August 2021.

Miffy stationery

A lineup of pen pouches and masking tape that are easy to use for adults with a simple design. An example of the product is as follows. The listed price includes tax.

[Miffy] Pen pouch

Miffy stationery

A pen pouch that can be used like an adult with a simple charm that is stamped on synthetic leather. The inside is also a discerning specification with a Miffy pattern. The price is 1,540 yen.

[Miffy] A4 zip file

Miffy stationery

A highly functional file that is easy to use in schools and offices. If you put a document inside, you can see it from the front and back covers. The price is 770 yen.

[Miffy] Masking tape

Miffy stationery

Masking tape packed with fun illustrations by Dick Bruna. The price is 352 yen.

[Miffy] Sticky memo

Miffy stationery

You can see Miffy's face from the window of the mount, which is a fun sticky note even when you carry it around. The price is 385 yen.

At Village Vanguard Online Store, "Miffy Special" is being developed to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Miffy's birth. The lineup includes bags such as "[Miffy] cold storage shopping cart " and " [Miffy] gusseted folding canvas tote ", tableware, and smartphone goods.