SHIRO "White Jasmine Eau de Parfum"

From SHIRO's limited fragrance series, "White Jasmine", which was popular last year, will be released on September 9th at SHIRO online stores and SHIRO directly managed stores nationwide. Reservation starts at 10:00 am on August 26, limited to the SHIRO online store.

SHIRO White Jasmine

The image of jasmine, which has a rich scent, has long been called the "king of scents". It changes from a fruity citrus note to a calming and elegant sweetness while letting you feel the freshness of fresh flowers. A floral scent than the limited fragrance "Pair", and a fresher scent than the standard fragrance "Sabon". Recommended not only for those who like a sweet scent, but also for those who love the classic fragrance "White Lily".

SHIRO "White Jasmine"

White Jasmine Eau de Parfum

The scent changes depending on where you put it on your neck and arms. The scent is especially gentle in the series, so if you want a luxurious scent, spray a few pushes around your neck. If you want to give yourself or someone near you a subtle scent, it is recommended to attach it to your waist or the back of your knees. The scent lasts for about 5 to 6 hours. The price is 40mL 4,180 yen, and the ethical discount is 4,055 yen (tax included).

SHIRO "White Jasmine Eau de Parfum"

White Jasmine Oil in Hair Serum

The first item in the series to repair hair damaged by summer sunlight and dryness. Gagome kelp moisturizes, and camellia oil and marula oil give glossy hair. It can also be used for morning styling, evening out bath and pre-sleep care. The price is 80mL 3,520 yen, and the ethical discount is 3,414 yen (tax included).

SHIRO "White Jasmine Oil in Hair Serum"