L'Occitane "Osmanthus Eau de Toilette"

L'Occitane will release a new fragrance "Osmanthus" series with fruity fragrance of osmanthus fragrant and yellow fruits on September 8th. Available at L'Occitane stores and official online shopping sites nationwide.

L'Occitane "Osmanthus"

L'Occitane's new fragrance "Osmanthus" expresses the sweet fruit aroma of Kanagi Sato with fresh yellow fruits such as apricot and La France. A lovely and fascinating fruity floral scent that expresses the essence of fragrant olive, which is attracted every time it is scented, by luxuriously using the fragrant Osmanthus absolute that has been aged for 2 to 3 months.

The scent of L'Occitane "Osmanthus"

The lineup includes eau de toilette, a roll touch that is easy to carry, a shower gel that has a slight scent, body milk that leads to delicious skin like sweet fruits, and a hand cream that creates a lovely fingertip. You can choose the item that suits your lifestyle, such as using it properly in the scene or enjoying layering the scent.

Ottomansus Eau de Toilette

75mL 6,820 yen (tax included, same below).

L'Occitane "Osmanthus Eau de Toilette"

Ottomansus Eau de Toilette Roll Touch

10mL 3,190 yen

L'Occitane "Osmanthus Eau de Toilette Roll Touch"

Ottomansus shower gel

250mL 3,190 yen

L'Occitane "Ottomansus Shower Gel"

Ottomansus body milk

250mL 4,290 yen

L'Occitane "Osmanthus Body Milk"

Ottomansus hand cream

30mL 1,540 yen

L'Occitane "Osmanthus Hand Cream"