My house is getting better and better! How to make full use of the popular brand "Ziplock" --with ideas for fashionable rice

Nowadays, I spend more time at home and stock more groceries and hygiene products. If you put it in the refrigerator or cupboard for the time being, it tends to happen that "the expiration date has expired" or "I bought it again even though I still have it".

The usage of Ziplock ® to reduce such "inadvertent" is released at once! You can keep things neat and tidy in the refrigerator and in the cupboard. At the same time, we also propose simple and fashionable home-cooked rice using Ziplock®. Please use it for a good time with your family.

What is Ziplock®?

"Ziplock ®" is a household goods brand developed by Asahi Kasei Home Products. A lineup of containers and bags of various sizes. You can store and store a wide range of items such as stationery, clothing, baby products, as well as food.

"Zip lock screw lock" "Zip lock container" etc.
Lineup of products of various sizes and uses

"Zip lock container" that makes it easy to close the lid
"Ziplock container" that can be easily closed by simply pressing the mark in the center of the lid.

"Ziplock container" that can be stacked even with different sizes
Not only the same size but also different sizes can be stacked, so it is easy to store.

"Ziplock Easy Zipper M" with "sliding" zipper
The bag product also has a "sliding" zipper that is easy to open and close even for small children and the elderly.

The products introduced this time are "Ziplock ® Screwlock ® 300ml", "Ziplock ® Screwlock ® 730ml", "Ziplock ® Container Rectangle 480ml", "Ziplock ® Container Rectangle 820ml", and "Ziplock ® Container Square". A total of 7 products, "700ml", "Ziplock® Container Square 1100ml" and "Ziplock® Easy Zipper® M". By preparing multiple types, the range of utilization will be greatly expanded.

"Zip Lock Screw Lock 730ml" and "Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml"
Zip Lock Screw Lock 730ml, Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml

"Ziplock Container Rectangle 820ml" and "Ziplock Container Rectangle 480ml"
Zip Lock Container Rectangle 820ml, Zip Lock Container Rectangle 480ml

"Ziplock Container Square 1100ml" and "Ziplock Container Square 700ml"
Zip Lock Container Square 1100ml, Zip Lock Container Square 700ml

"Ziplock Easy Zipper M 30 pieces" with "sliding" zipper
Zip Lock Easy Zipper M 30 pieces

Ziplock ® Usage 1: Organize Kitchen & Refrigerator

The first way to use Ziplock® is to organize the kitchen and refrigerator. "Ziplock ® Screwlock ® 300ml" and "730ml" are perfect for storing salt, sugar, tea packs, etc. Since it can be stacked, it can be neatly stored in a narrow cupboard. It is even more convenient to put a tape with the contents on the lid so that you can see it at a glance.

"Ziplock Screw Lock 300ml" with sugar and salt
"Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml" has a screw-type lid that is easy to open and close, making it convenient for adding salt and sugar.

"Zip Lock Screw Lock 730ml" with tea pack
The tall "Zip Lock Screw Lock 730ml" can be used as a tea pack holder.

And "Ziplock ® Container Rectangle 480ml" "820ml" and "Ziplock ® Container Square 700ml" "1100ml" are recommended for organizing food in the refrigerator. The design allows you to stack different sizes as well as the same size, so you can easily see and organize various foods, and you can easily take them out as soon as you need them. If you use it in the vegetable room, you can store vegetables that are liable to vary, and you can prevent accidentally damaging vegetables and fruits that are easily scratched.

"Ziplock container" that is convenient for organizing food in the refrigerator
The inside of the refrigerator is refreshing!

"Ziplock container" that is convenient for organizing food in the refrigerator
Close the lid and store vegetables and fruits that are easily scratched in the vegetable room. Can be layered while protecting food

For retort pouches and dry matter, "Ziplock ® Easy Zipper ® M" is convenient. By adding different types of "retort curry," "pasta sauce," and "iri sesame / sesame seeds," you can prevent misunderstandings such as "I thought there was still pasta sauce, but when I looked closely, it was retort curry." If you write the expiration date in the date column, you can quickly check what you should use early. If it is a large-capacity size with 30 sheets, it has plenty of it, so you can have various ideas on how to use it.

"Ziplock Easy Zipper M" convenient for storing retort pouches and dried foods
For retort pouches and dried foods, go to "Ziplock Easy Zipper M" for each type.

"Ziplock Easy Zipper M" convenient for storing retort pouches and dried foods
You can check the inventory immediately by arranging them upright.

Ziplock ® Usage 2: Organize hygiene products and small items

The next way to use it is to stock hygiene products, which have become more important in the last 1-2 years. For adult masks, "Ziplock ® Container Rectangle 480ml", "820ml" and "Ziplock ® Easy Zipper ® M" are perfect, and for children's masks, "Ziplock ® Screw Lock ® 300ml" is perfect. Prevents dust from adhering and can be stored cleanly.

Convenient for stocking hygiene products "Ziplock Container Rectangle 480ml" "820ml", "Ziplock Screw Lock 300ml"
"Ziplock container rectangle 480ml" and "820ml" for adult masks "Ziplock screw lock 300ml" for children's masks

"Ziplock Easy Zipper M" that is convenient for carrying hygiene products
"Ziplock Easy Zipper M", a material that is hard to tear, is convenient to carry in a bag

In addition, it is also useful for collecting small items such as wet sheets, disinfectants, and adhesive plasters. It is also a good idea to put together a dressing set before going out and an outing set.

"Ziplock container" that is convenient for collecting disinfectants and adhesive plasters
Collecting disinfectants and adhesive plasters

"Ziplock Easy Zipper M" which is convenient for putting together an outing set
Or put together as an outing set

In addition to hygiene products, "Ziplock ®" is very useful for storing small items such as ties, belts, hair accessories, and clothes that will not be used for a while when changing clothes. Don't be fooled by "Ziplock ® = for food", try storing various small items in your house like a puzzle.

"Ziplock" that is convenient for storing clothes and hair accessories
Also for storing clothes and hair accessories

Easy & fashionable! Home cooked rice made with "Ziplock ®"

From here, I will introduce an idea to change the taste and make your home-cooked rice much more fashionable using "Ziplock ®". Easy to get help from small children. It is also useful as a festive dish for birthdays and Christmas.

The top batter is "sushi cake". Fill the rice mixed with chirashizushi in "Ziplock ® Screwlock ® 300ml", turn it over and put it on a plate.

"Sushi cake" made with "Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml"
Fill "Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml" with chirashizushi rice,

"Sushi cake" made with "Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml"
Serve on a plate

If you decorate the surface with your favorite ingredients such as brocade eggs, seafood, and vegetables, it's OK! A cute sushi cake that is the size of one person is ready. Put roses made from smoked salmon and glittering salmon roe on top to make it more fashionable. It is gorgeous even if you put ham and cheese pulled out in a star shape or a heart shape.

"Sushi cake" made with "Zip Lock Screw Lock 300ml"
Decorate with brocade eggs and seafood to make a cute sushi cake

Next is the idea of dressing up a simple potato salad. Fill "Ziplock ® Container Square 700ml" with potato salad to a height of about 80%.

"Potato salad" made with "Ziplock container square 700ml"
Fill "Ziplock Container Square 700ml" with potato salad

On the surface of the potato salad, small pieces of chicken, tomatoes, boiled eggs, etc. are lined up in a row in a colorful manner. The wide and shallow "Ziplock ® Container Square 700ml" is the only way to serve it with a strong presence.

"Potato salad" made with "Ziplock container square 700ml"
Add plenty of your favorite ingredients to make a gorgeous salad

Finally, "Ziplock® Container Rectangle 480ml" is useful for making desserts. Since it has a moderate depth, it can be used as "cooling and hardening a rare cheese cake and adding plenty of fruit to the finish". A rough dessert style unique to our house that you can scoop up with a spoon and share. If you can't eat enough, you can easily move it to the refrigerator with the lid on.

"Ziplock Container Rectangle 480ml" convenient for making desserts
"Ziplock Container Rectangle 480ml" is convenient for making desserts

"HELLO! IDEA" full of ideas for Minigrip®

"HELLO! IDEA" logo

I showed you everything from organizing the kitchen to making sushi cakes, but there are still many ways to use Ziplock®. Under the brand message "HELLO! IDEA", 100 ideas are introduced with colorful illustrations on the official website of MINIPGrip®. Ziplock® supports ideas for affluent eating habits and healthy living, and is also active in efforts to realize a sustainable society. Also pay attention to future transmissions!

button Learn more about Ziplock® "HELLO! IDEA"!

Ziplock® Fall 2021 Disney Character Design Series

Zip Rock Fall 2021 Disney Character Design Series

Now that we have fully explained the appeal of ziplock®, we would like to give you some information. The new Disney character design series (Ziplock® Easy Zipper®, Screwlock®, and 4 types of containers), which are very popular every year, are on sale from September 1st. A cute design that expresses the vivid autumn colors of the trees. With a taste that is easy for adult women to use, it is useful regardless of the season or scene. This is a limited quantity product, so please check it out as soon as possible.

* The image of "Ziplock ® Fall 2021 Disney Character Series" is an image of the usage scene. The contents are not included in the product.
* The product specifications (heat resistance of microwave ovens, etc.) of "Ziplock® Fall 2021 Disney Character Series" are the same as regular products.
* "Ziploc", "Ziplock", "Screwlock" and "Easy Zipper" are registered trademarks of Asahi Kasei Home Products Co., Ltd.

© Disney
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© Disney. Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by AA Milne and EH Shepard.

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