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Introducing the "teacup sushi illustration" and "cup sushi kanji" found at the 100-yen shop "Daiso". You can enjoy the atmosphere of being at a sushi restaurant at home.

Teacup Sushi Illustration & Sushi Kanji

Teacup sushi illustration

I bought two types of teacups, one with a sushi illustration and the other with the Chinese characters of seafood. Illustrations of 18 types of sushi such as tuna and eggs are included in English. There are many unfamiliar Chinese characters in sushi, so I just admire them. If you use it while eating sushi with your family, you can naturally study Chinese characters and English. The capacity is small, about 170 ml each, so it is also attractive that there is no harsh impression.

Teacup sushi illustration
Learn Chinese characters and English for sushi

Hundred yen store "cup sushi illustration" makes you feel like a sushi restaurant ♪ Kanji design
Capacity is about 170 ml

The price (tax included) for "Chawan Sushi Illustration" and "Chawan Sushi Kanji" is 110 yen each. Why don't you add the atmosphere to the sushi you bought at the supermarket or takeout? Daiso also has a "sushi stand" made of natural wood, a " soy sauce plate (panda pattern) " and a "soy sauce plate (shiba inu pattern)" with cute patterns. Please check it as well.

Teacup sushi illustration
Natural wood sushi table