Canmake "Silky Sflare Eyes" "Creamy Touch Liner"

Canmake will release "Silky Sflare Eyes" limited color "09 Urban Khaki" and "Creamy Touch Liner" new color "07 Azuki Brown" and limited color "08 Matcha Khaki" in late August.

Silky Sflare Eyes

A "transparent glossy" eyeshadow that blends into your skin. You can create beautiful gradations with a light feel that does not feel thick even when layered. The powder that sticks tightly to the eyelids flies, and fits without fluttering. Contains delicate pearls for an elegant finish.

Canmake "Silky Sflare Eyes" Limited Color "09 Urban Khaki"

The limited color "09 Urban Khaki" is a khaki palette that gives a nice impression. The price is 825 yen (tax included).

Creamy touch liner

An eyeliner that is smooth, soft and gentle on the skin. With a 1.5mm ultra-fine core, you can easily draw fine lines and gaps in the eyelashes. A feeding type that keeps the thinness of the core at any time. The moderately glossy and dense color makes the eyes stand out.

Canmake "Creamy Touch Liner" New color "07 Azuki Brown", Limited color "08 Matcha Khaki"

A waterproof formulation that is resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum. Once it dries and adheres, it does not easily come off and is resistant to rubbing, so a clean line lasts for a long time. Contains squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and sodium hyaluronate.

Canmake "Creamy Touch Liner" New color "07 Azuki Brown", Limited color "08 Matcha Khaki"

The new color "07 Azuki Brown" is a Bordeaux brown that gives a feeling of mellowness. The limited color "08 Matcha Khaki" is a khaki green that is easy to use daily. The price is 715 yen each (tax included).