Etude "Tear Eyeliner PK002"

Etude will release the Japanese limited color "Tear Eyeliner PK002" on September 3rd. "Tear Eyeliner Lovely Duo Set" will be on sale only at variety shops on the same day.

Tear eyeliner PK002

An item that makes glitter shine beautifully from any angle like a jewel, creating a plump and gorgeous tear bag. The delicate shine of pearls brings out a wet luster.

The feature is that it adheres firmly to the skin the moment it is applied and does not easily get twisted over time. "High-lasting polymer" prevents sweat and sebum from bleeding and creates beautiful colors. The fine brush type makes it easy to apply to the eyes and makes a delicate tear bag make-up.

Etude "Tear Eyeliner PK002"

The Japan-only color is dull pink, which creates a casual cuteness. It blends well with the skin and gives the tear bag a natural three-dimensional effect. Polarized glitter that shines blue gives a gorgeous shine to the eyes, giving a cute and gentle look. The price is 858 yen (tax included).

Tea Eyeliner Lovely Duo Set

A special set of white pearl "WH901" that gives a gorgeous impression and Japan-only color "PK002" that has a sexy and elegant sweetness. Put a single color on the tear bag for a make-up accent. If you use each color such as the outer corner of the eye and the tear bag properly for each part, you will get an attractive eye area. The price is 1,485 yen (tax included).

Etude "Tear Eyeliner Lovely Duo Set"