Plaza "Spend Time with Me Disceptor"

The autumn promotion "SPEND TIME WITH ME THIS SEPTEMBER" is being held at PLAZA and MINiPLA nationwide until September 23rd.

Spend Time With Me Disceptor

A promotion with the theme of "the scent of osmanthus" that suddenly comes in the fall. We have a lineup of various items such as fragrances with the scent of osmanthus, hair oil, and hand cream. Recommended for gifts as well as for yourself. Featured items are as follows.

Plaza "Spend Time with Me Disceptor"

And Eclat Roll-on Parfum Kinmokusei

Parfum with a high degree of scent reproduction and a long-lasting scent with a single application. As it is a roll-on type, it is also a point that you can quickly turn on the scent anywhere. 1,430 yen.

SAVON & CO. Cologne Savon de Saras

Eau de Cologne with a clean and elegant scent, blended with Kinmokusei based on the scent of Sabon. 1,595 yen.

Fernanda Fragrance Body Mist Fragrant Olive

A fruity and sweet scent of osmanthus with apricot and peach. 1,540 yen.

Becure Honey Pure Kinmokusei Series

Hair oil is newly added this year. Hair oil with a fluffy aroma of Osmanthus fragrans is recommended not only for hair care and hair styling after washing the hair, but also as a hair fragrance during the day. With the motif of small flowers of osmanthus fragrans, the package design with a casual heart like the crush of first love also makes you feel autumn.

Becure Honey Pure Kinmokusei Series