"Kameko Sponge Autumn Limited Color" Appears --Two kinds of Yor & Tsuki that color the long autumn night

"Kamenoko Sponge Autumn Limited Color" is now available from Kamenoko Fukko Nishio Shoten. It is scheduled to go on sale in late September. The price (tax included) is 330 yen each.

Turtle child sponge Autumn limited color

"Kameko Sponge " is available in limited colors according to the season. In 2021, the limited colors of autumn will be changed to two colors, "Yoru", which is the image of the dark blue of the evening, and "Tsuki", which is the image of the yellow of the moon shining there. A "crescent moon" is designed in the center of the package after the theme. I want you to enjoy the long autumn night washing with the new autumn color sponge.

Features of the turtle child sponge

・ Antibacterial and antifungal effect By kneading silver ion antibacterial agent and organic antifungal agent, the entire sponge is kept clean. Since no non-woven fabric is attached, it can be used on both sides without peeling off.

-Uses urethane with a slightly coarse mesh for drainage and foam, achieving outstanding drainage and foam. It drains well, prevents urethane hydrolysis, and makes the sponge last longer.

-Easy-to-use thickness 27 mm, so even people with small hands can use it without leaving it.