Disney Store x FOOD TEXTILE collaboration 2nd --Chip & Dale pattern apron, storage box, etc.

Home miscellaneous goods jointly planned by the Disney Store and the project "FOOD TEXTILE" that reuses food waste are now available. It will be sold sequentially from September 17th at Disney Store stores nationwide and Disney's official online store "shop Disney".

The second joint project between Disney Store and FOOD TEXTILE

The second joint project of "FOOD TEXTILE", a project to develop cloths, clothes, and accessories colored with dyes produced from food waste, and the Disney Store. This project is being undertaken as part of the "Disney Healthy Tament" led by Disney Japan's Consumer Products Division, which aims to "enjoy" incorporating "healthy things for people, society, and the earth."

Organic cotton dyed with ingredients to be discarded is used for home miscellaneous goods to be released. The lineup includes aprons, storage boxes, towels, etc. in gentle colors that are easy to fit into the interior designed with Chip & Dale.

Product release dates, designs, retail stores, and specifications are subject to change. In addition, it may not be available at some stores. You can check the business status of Disney Store stores on the store information page of the official website.

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