Rush Halloween limited edition

22 Halloween-only products are on sale at Rush's online shops and stores. Introducing a part of the lineup such as monsters and neon color aliens.

Rush Halloween limited edition


A cute "ghost" bath bomb. If you dissolve it in hot water, it will dye the inside of the bathtub in rainbow colors while making a lap sound with crackling and popping candy. A tropical citrus note scent that accentuates the exhilaration of lemongrass. The price is 850 yen (tax included, same below).

Rush Halloween limited product "Ghosty"


Hiding under the bubbles is dark-colored hot water. A fruity scent with just the right amount of sweetness, like a blend of cherries and benzoin. The price is 1,400 yen.

Rush Halloween limited product "Screamo"


A bubble bar with a citrus scent. Lime green hot water that reflects the light of the UFO and bubbles that give off the scent of green citrus that cover it appear in the bathtub. The price is 920 yen.

Rush Halloween limited product "Extra Terrestrial"

Ghost in the Dark Soap

Soap that keeps the washed skin healthy. It stores light in a bright place and glows in the dark. A fresh scent that blends the freshness of lemongrass with a slightly sweet and gentle bergamot. The price is 920 yen.

Rush Halloween limited product "Ghost in the Dark Soap"

Halloween buds gift

A set of 3 types of bath bombs, "Pankin Nankin", "Bat Art", and "Ghosty". The wrapping depicts a character playing with his friends surrounded by autumn leaves. The price is 2,980 yen.

Rush "Halloween Bads Gift"