Ettusais "Lip Essence (Deep Moist) a"

"Baby Lip", "Lip Essence (Deep Moist) a", which was very popular as a care item for lips that tend to be dry and rough in winter mask life, will be released by ettusais on October 7th. The estimated price is 1,320 yen (tax included). The launch date at the store may vary depending on the store conditions.

Lip Essence (Deep Moist) a

"Lip Essence (Deep Moist) a" has been loved by many people as an item that keeps moisture for a long time and can treat rough lips firmly. There were many requests for resale even after the sale ended. It will be reprinted for a limited time in response to the passion of the fans.

Ettusais "Lip Essence (Deep Moist) a"

A "best moisturizing" type that cares for dry and rough lips due to rich moisture. Contains moisturizing ingredients (Na hyaluronate, honey, glycerin), hypergloss oil, and naturally derived treatment ingredients (jojoba oil). Vertical wrinkles are less noticeable, and the thick gloss effect gives your lips a plump, glossy, baby-like finish.

Finished image of ettusais "Lip Essence (Deep Moist) a"

The diagonally cut tube head fits perfectly to the contours of the lips. SPF18 / PA ++. Fragrance-free.