"Primavista Skin Protect Base [Prevents Drying Collapse]" "Primavista Moist Glow Lasting Liquid"

From the base makeup brand "Primavista", "Primavista Skin Protect Base [Drying Collapse Prevention]" and "Primavista Moist Glow Lasting Liquid", which are perfect for dry autumn and winter, will be released on October 23rd.

Primavista Skin Protect Base [Prevention of dry collapse]

The second "Skin Protect Base" following the "Primavista Skin Protect Base [Prevention of Sebum Collapse]" released in May 2021. Even in an environment where you are concerned about dryness, "Skin Protect Veil" will be familiar to your skin and you can spend it until the evening without feeling taut. Contains moisturizing ingredients (glycerin / asunaro branch extract).

Primavista Skin Protect Base [Prevention of dry collapse]

It also contains sebum solidified powder to prevent the nose from becoming shiny even in the fall and winter seasons. It adheres evenly and evenly to create bright and transparent skin. SPF20 / PA ++.

"Primavista Skin Protect Base [Prevention of dry collapse]" Finished image skin

Primavista Moist Glow Lasting Liquid

A liquid foundation that moisturizes and keeps dry skin from collapsing and keeps your skin shiny. By applying Kao's film-forming technology, a moist and soft coating film with high adhesion is realized. It doesn't shine over time and keeps you moisturized.

"Primavista Moist Glow Lasting Liquid" Finished image skin

Contains moisturizing ingredients (asunaro branch extract). SPF23 / PA +++. With a dedicated 2-sided sponge. Available in 7 colors.

"Primavista Moist Glow Lasting Liquid" color development