Rush Snow Fairy

Rush sells Christmas-only products, including the popular series "Snow Fairy," which is only available during the Christmas season. A total of 41 types are available.

Rush Snow Fairy

A series featuring a sweet scent like cotton candy and a gentle pink that gives you kindness, courage, and confidence. A total of 9 types are available, including fairy candy bombs (bath bombs), bubble bars, shower gels, and body powders.

Fairy Candy Body Conditioner

Rush Christmas limited edition

Of the 41 Christmas-only products such as Santa and ornament-themed bath bombs and bath goods that make you feel like Christmas, 22 are new. The animal motif bath bomb, which was popular last year, will be released with more friends this year.

Sleepy bear

A bath bomb that fills the bathroom with a sweet and gentle scent. Lavender oil protects the skin from dry damage, and oats moisturize the skin. The sweet scent of Beisoin extract keeps the skin moisturized by putting a thin protective film on the skin. The price is 630 yen (tax included, same below).

Rush "Sleepy Bear"

I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas

A bath bomb with a sweet and sour scent reminiscent of raspberry sorbet. Grapefruit bitter accents with a refreshing scent. Contains raspberry seed oil that gives firmness to the skin and grapefruit oil that tightens the skin. While the popping candy makes a crackling and pleasant sound, the hot water is dyed in a pale lilac color. The price is 580 yen.

Rush "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas"