Rush "Wig Patty" "Infrastructure Wig"

Rush released the hair styling fees "Wig Patty" and "Infraligig" on October 8th. Each features a different texture and finish. The capacity is 100g (3.53oz) and the price is 1,500 yen (tax included).

Wig patties

A styling agent that keeps your hairstyle firmly and gives it a matte texture. It's like training your hair, making it easier to organize your hair every time you use it. For those who want to reduce the volume of hair, those who want to put together hair, and those who want to enjoy styling with a firm hold.

Rush "Wig Patty"

Based on the existing popular styling cream "Dirty Hair Cream", a generous blend of kaolin to make your hair more matte. The linseed extract moisturizes the hair and the coconut oil moisturizes and softens the hair. Candelilla Wack keeps hair moisturized with Japan wax, making it easier to organize hairstyles. The scent is a wild woody note accented with an elegant blend of neroli and rose.

Infrastructure wig

A soft hair gel that holds loose, dry hair and gives it a supple texture. At the same time as styling the hair, you can also tone up the hair. It keeps the style even though it looks like nothing is attached to the hair, and the purple hue temporarily coats white hair and bleached hair until washing to give a sense of transparency.

Rush "Infrastructure Wig"

Olive oil prepares firm and firm hair, prevents hair breakage and split ends, and sweet orange oil adds a beautiful luster to hair. Glycerin, which retains moisture, keeps moisturized hair healthy for a long time. A fresh fruity scent with sweet aromas of sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit.