Kesaran Pasaran "Beauty Collection"

Kesaran Pasaran will release a limited number of Christmas coffret "Beauty Collection" on October 20th. The price is 9,900 yen (tax included).

Kesaran Pasaran Beauty Collection

A lineup of base and eye makeup items inspired by "adult sweets". A make-up collection that creates an effortless adult's leeway, like a blissful time to enjoy sweets gracefully.

Bright veil (solid paste foundation) actual product

Kesaran Pasaran's popular base make-up item that beautifully prepares the skin. "Reflect oil" that makes the skin look bright, "Tone-up powder" that makes the skin look shiny, and "Smooth oil" that makes the skin look smooth form a "glossy skin veil" on the surface of the skin. It collects light on the skin like a reflector and camouflages blemishes and dullness. Blocks dryness and sebum and keeps a beautiful finish all day long. SPF33 / PA +++. Select one color of refill from [OC10] [OC20] [OC30].

Kesaran Pasaran "Beauty Collection" Bright Veil

Under eye brightener (partial foundation) actual product

A concealer that naturally covers skin problems with an orange complexion and a yellow skin color that reflects light beautifully. Oils and moisturizing ingredients with excellent adhesion and moisturizing power seal the skin surface perfectly and prevent it from twisting and drying all day long.

Kesaran Pasaran "Beauty Collection" Under Eye Brightener

Eye color N [X21] Limited color

A 4-color palette that combines different textures such as pearl and semi-matte. The eye color base ingredients adhere evenly and evenly, and beautiful coloring continues all day long. Adult sweets color with a deep accent in a faint sweetness.

Kesaran Pasaran "Beauty Collection" Eye Color N

Multi-mascara [X21] (Mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes) Limited edition

Multi-mascara that can be used for eyebrows and eyelashes. A brush with a small turning radius is less likely to get lumpy, and it separates the eyebrows and eyelashes firmly. Brown like chocolate, the exquisitely blended redness creates sweetness and a sense of omission. You can turn it off with hot water.

Kesaran Pasaran "Beauty Collection" Multi Mascara

Cosmetic pouch limited edition

A velvet-like pouch with a rich texture that contains all coffret items. The point is the charm that imaged the pearl Alazan. Width approx. 160 mm x height approx. 130 mm x gusset approx. 50 mm.

Kesalan Patharan "Beauty Collection" Cosmetic Pouch