"Suica 20th Anniversary Suica's Penguing Goods Fair" Ecute etc .-- Lots of new products! Pin badge novelty

"Suica 20th Anniversary Suica's Penguing Goods Fair" will be held from October 25th to November 21st. Related goods will be available at each Ekinaka commercial facility "Ecute" and at Tokyo Station "GRANSTA".

Suica 20th Anniversary Suica's Penguins Fair

Suica will celebrate its 20th anniversary on November 18, 2021. To commemorate the milestone year, many new products will be launched during the period using Suica's Penguing Goods 20th Anniversary Limited Design. We also have limited-time products that can only be enjoyed during the fair period.

We also carry out a novelty gift campaign for people who purchased Suica penguin products at Suica. From October 25th, a special page will be opened that collects fair products, and some products can be delivered to homes by ordering from the EC sites "JRE MALL" and "Ekinaka on the Net" operated by JR East. is. The closing date of the special page is undecided (as of October 12, 2021).

Novelty gift campaign overview

"Suica 20th Anniversary Suica's Penguing Goods Fair" Ecute etc .-- Lots of new products! Pin badge novelty
Product example

"Suica's Penguin Acrylic Pin Badge" for the first 1,200 people who purchase at Suica for 1,500 yen or more per account, including Suica's penguin products, at each "Ecute" facility and Suica's penguin product stores such as Tokyo Station "Gransta" (*) Will be presented (finished as soon as each store runs out, novelty will be handed over at each store).
* Manufactured by Masuki Resin Co., Ltd., which operates Gransta Tokyo "toumei"

Suica's Penguin Tokyo Station Event Information

A commemorative event with the theme of "Suica's Penguin" will be held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Suica at the event space "Square Zero" in Gransta Tokyo, Tokyo Station. During the exhibition period, various projects will be held where you can experience the charm of cute Suica penguins, such as pre-sale of 20th anniversary products and autograph session of the author Chiharu Sakazaki. Details will be posted in the third press release of Suica's Penguin Planning and Detailed Information in late October.
■ Goods sales event: November 18th (Thursday) -November 21st (Sunday), 2021
■ Chiharu Sakazaki autograph session: Saturday, November 20, 2021
* Event details are subject to change.

(C) Chiharu Sakazaki / JR East / DENTSU Suica by JR East Suica is a registered trademark of JR East.