The Body Shop "Black Musk Night Bloom Eau de Toilette"

The Body Shop sells a limited number of all four "Black Musk Night Bloom" series with urban scents of spicy musk on the flowers and fruits that bloom in the middle of the night.

Black Musk Night Bloom

A special series of sweet and juicy fruits with the sweet scent of Night Scented Ylang Ylang and Heliotrope and spicy musk. The deep and fascinating scent stirs and fascinates the wearer's imagination.

The Body Shop "Black Musk Night Bloom"

All items are vegan compatible. Shower gels, body lotions and fragrance mists are also certified by The Vegan Society.

Black Musk Night Bloom Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette where you can enjoy the scent in a well-balanced manner. An urban blend of delicate, warm sweet flowers and spicy musk brings out a captivating self. Duration is 4-5 hours. 60mL 4,620 yen (tax included, same below).

The Body Shop "Black Musk Night Bloom Eau de Toilette"

Black Musk Night Bloom Shower Gel

A body shampoo with rich lather that cleanses moist and smooth skin. It is also recommended for those who do not use fragrances because it leaves a gentle scent. 250mL 2,200 yen.

The Body Shop "Black Musk Night Bloom Shower Gel"

Black Musk Night Bloom Fragrance Mist

A fragrance mist for the body that can be worn lightly. You can leave a fascinating scent impression that the surroundings turn around unintentionally. Duration is 1-2 hours. 100mL 2,750 yen.

The Body Shop "Black Musk Night Bloom Fragrance Mist"

Black Musk Night Bloom Body Lotion

A creamy-feeling body lotion that keeps your skin soft with a slight scent. Contains Ghanaian shea butter procured by Community Fair Trade as a moisturizing ingredient. 250mL 2,970 yen.

The Body Shop "Black Musk Night Bloom Body Lotion"

Shower gel and body lotion are 100% recycled packages containing recycled plastic procured from India at Community Fair Trade. Recycled glass is also used for fragrance mist bottles. * Eau de toilette will be gradually switched to new packages.