The Body Shop "Vanilla Pumpkin" Series

The Body Shop is selling a limited number of "Vanilla Pumpkin" series that wraps the body with a sweet and warm scent from October 24th. A lineup of 4 items.

The Body Shop "Vanilla Pumpkin"

The "Vanilla Pumpkin" series, which is popular every year, features a warm vanilla fragrance with baked pumpkin unique to autumn. It smells like baked goods floating in the oven. The soft and sweet scent relaxes your mind and is perfect for relaxing in the fall.

Shower cream vanilla pumpkin

A vanilla pumpkin-scented body shampoo that moisturizes with creamy foam and cleanses the skin softly and fluffy. With Bath Lily, you can feel luxurious with fine and rich lather. 250mL 1,540 yen (tax included, same below).

The Body Shop "Shower Cream Vanilla Pumpkin"

Whipped body butter vanilla pumpkin

A body cream that leads to moisturized skin with a unique whipped cream texture that contains plenty of water. Contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter from Ghana and aloe vera from Mexico procured through community fair trade. It is also recommended for the care of elbows, knees and heels, which are especially dry. 200mL 3,080 yen.

The Body Shop "Whipped Body Butter Vanilla Pumpkin"

Hand cream vanilla pumpkin

A hand cream with a gentle scent of vanilla pumpkin that keeps your fingers smooth. The light-feeling cream blends in smoothly and wraps your fingertips in a moisturizing veil. Contains Ghanaian shea butter and Brazilian babassu oil procured through Community Fair Trade as moisturizing ingredients. 30mL 1,100 yen.

The Body Shop "Hand Cream Vanilla Pumpkin"

Vanilla Pumpkin Deluxe

Special kit of "Shower Cream Vanilla Pumpkin 250mL", "Whipped Body Butter Vanilla Pumpkin 200mL", "Hand Cream Vanilla Pumpkin 30mL", "Bath Bomb Vanilla Pumpkin 50g (1.76oz)". 5,280 yen.

The Body Shop "Vanilla Pumpkin Deluxe"