BON TON TOYS Check Collection

"Check Collection" from "BON TON TOYS" from the Netherlands. A new collection of Miffy and his friends made from warm check fabric. From October 25th, it will be on sale at interior and lifestyle shops nationwide and the EC site "marcs STORE".

BON TON TOYS Check Collection

BON TON TOYS is a stuffed animal manufacturer founded in the Netherlands in 1933 with the concept of "bringing happiness to children." We have a philosophy of protecting the environment of the earth over a long period of time, aiming for a sustainable world, and protecting the future of children.

The new BON TON TOYS "Check Collection" is a special collection made from check textiles. There are two types of pattern patterns: "Red", which has a cute colorful red and navy blue block check, and "Beige", which has a calm tartan check based on beige.

The parts used for the check fabric are different for each stuffed animal. The warm and warm brushed wool blend material is made of woolen fabric and flannel material that is smooth to the touch, and has a soft, comfortable and warm texture.

New "Elephant" from "Check Collection", standard 23cm / 33cm size "Miffy", 17cm / 25cm size "Snuffy" that appeared from last season, "Miffy" and "Miffy" newly added from this season A rich lineup of "Snuffy" bag charms. It is useful as a special gift for autumn and winter, such as Christmas and holiday seasons.

BON TON TOYS Check Collection Overview

Type / Size: Miffy Check ・ 23cm / Miffy Check ・ 33cm / Elephant Check ・ 20cm / Elephant Check ・ 27cm / Snuffy Check ・ 17cm / Snuffy Check ・ 25cm / Miffy Bag Charm Check / Snuffy Bag Charm Check
Price (tax included): 3,080 yen / 4,620 yen / 3,080 yen / 4,620 yen / 2,640 yen / 3,960 yen / 2,420 yen / 2,420 yen Release: October 25, 2021 (Monday)
Distributor: Marks International Co., Ltd. Distributor: Interior and lifestyle shops nationwide, marcs STORE (Marks store)