Incoco "Hidden Treasure"

From the manicure "Incoco", which is just pasted, 4 kinds of new winter collection "Glittering Bitter Sweet Nail" are on sale. Each 8 sizes x 2 sheets are included, and the price is 1,100 yen (tax included).

Incoco "Glittering Bitter Sweet Nail"

Silver glow

Lamenail studded with silver glitter on a matte light gray base. It has a simple impression, so it is recommended to use it in combination with other colors and glitter.

Incoco "Silver Glow"

Hidden Treasure

Lamenail based on light brown and studded with gold glitter. Brown like milk tea has a soft impression that fits well on the skin. The base and lame are similar colors, so the claim is not too strong, and the design is easy to match with seasonal makeup and fashion.

Incoco "Hidden Treasure"

Rocky road

A design nail with a brown marble drawn on a light beige base color. It is also recommended to combine it with a dark single color or layer it with clear glitter. Perfect for trendy brown fashion.

Incoco "Rocky Road"

Twinkle in time

Glitter nails with glitter of different sizes studded on the tip of the clear. Based on fine silver, gold and pink glitter are also mixed. When you move your fingertips, it shines delicately.

Incoco "Twinkle In Time"