Can Do Gel Nail Sticker

The season when the temperature is gradually decreasing and winter is approaching. You want to change the design of your nails to fall / winter along with changing your clothes.

"Gel Nail Stickers", which allow you to enjoy elaborate designs even with self-nail, are on sale at the 100-yen shop CAN DO. I have purchased 3 kinds of fashionable designs.

Can Do Gel Nail Sticker

Can Do Gel Nail Sticker

A set of nail stickers (12 sheets) and a nail file. Simply attach a sticker that matches the size of your nail from the base to the tip of your nail, and use a nail file to scrape off the excess sticker to complete the nail. If air gets in, the appearance and the sticker will not last long, so the trick is to stick it carefully while keeping it in close contact.

Can Do Gel Nail Sticker

Gel Nail Sticker No.1074

Colorful nails in vermilion, yellow, navy and green. The discreet gold pattern accentuates it. The point is that it is bright but not too flashy.

CAN DO Gel Nail Sticker No.1074

Gel Nail Sticker No.1085

The main colors are gray and Bordeaux. The plaid is cute and the fingertips are elegant. A design that matches autumn / winter fashion.

CAN DO Gel Nail Sticker No.1085

Gel Nail Sticker No.1137

Leopard that is difficult to draw beautifully with self-nail. It is a set with a light brown nail with glittering glitter, giving a gorgeous impression. Perfect when you want to finish with edgy fingertips.

CAN DO Gel Nail Sticker No.1137

All of them have a short durability time, and it is regrettable that they are easy to remove when doing water work or taking a bath. Especially, it can be removed by touching the water immediately after applying it, so it may be better to apply it before going to bed the day before you want to enjoy nails.

Can Do Gel Nail Sticker

However, it is attractive that you can easily enjoy the design like you went to a nail salon. Cute nails will make you feel better on the day you go out! Why don't you enjoy autumn / winter nails with your favorite design?