Dr. Bronner's "Magic Soap Holiday Gift"

A limited number of "Magic Soap Holiday Gifts" will be released on November 1st from the organic body care brand "Dr. Bronner's". The price is 1,320 yen (tax included).

Magic Soap Holiday Gift

"Magic Soap", an organic soap made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, is now available as a perfect set for a small gift during the holiday season. 3 types of "Rose", "Sandalwood & Jasmine" and "Lavender", 59mL each are included in the set.

Magic soap

Even a small amount foams well, and organic vegetable oil keeps the skin moisturized while washing it cleanly. Since it is rich in natural cleaning ingredients, it can be used in multiple ways by adjusting the composition with water.

How to use Dr. Bronner's "Magic Soap"

Dr. Bronner's plant raw materials are procured through a fair trade project with its own strict guidelines. In addition to fair transaction prices, we also accumulate 10% of transaction prices to improve the working and living environment of producers and support local communities.

Dr. Bronner's "Magic Soap"

The main ingredient, coconut oil, is procured from Sri Lanka. Locally, we have adopted a regenerative organic farming method that fertilizes the soil by increasing soil organic matter and accumulating carbon, and suppresses climate change. Since local factories utilize by-products generated during production in various ways, no waste is generated except for general packaging waste. We are also investing in living infrastructure with the funds funded by the Fair Trade Project.