Melvita x Moomin “2021 Noel Collection 2nd”

From the organic certified cosmetics brand "Melvita" from France, the second 2021 Noel collection with the motif of Moomin picture books is on sale in limited quantities until December 25th.

Melvita "2021 Noel Collection" 2nd

Xmas 2021 Argan Touch Oil

100% naturally derived argan oil. It can be used for care of points where dryness is a concern, such as around the eyes and mouth, and for moisturizing fingers. Fragrance-free. 10mL 1,870 yen (tax included, same below).

Melvita x Moomin "Xmas 2021 Argan Touch Oil"

Xmas 2021 Rose Touch Oil

A special blend of argan oil, rosehip oil and damask rose. It is a roll-on type that can be easily carried and is recommended for nail care and makeup retouching. Rose scent. 10mL 1,870 yen.

Melvita x Moomin "Xmas 2021 Rose Touch Oil"

Xmas 2021 Citrus Touch Oil

Argan oil with a refreshing and fresh citrus scent using lemon and orange essential oils. It is also recommended as a fragrance oil. 10mL 1,870 yen.

Melvita x Moomin "Xmas 2021 Citrus Touch Oil"

Organic Rose Coffret with Snork Maiden

A rose item coffret in a special box inspired by a picture book. A set of "Xmas 2021 Rose Touch Oil 10mL", mist-like lotion "Flower Water Reset Mist Rose 28mL" using organic Damask rose, and "Nectar De Rose Body Milk 30mL" that leads to moisturized skin. The price is 3,080 yen.

Melvita x Moomin "Organic Rose Coffret with Snork's Grandpa"

3 types of roll-on oil coffret

A special box containing three types of roll-on argan oil (argan, rose, and citrus). The price is 5,280 yen.

Melvita x Moomin "3 types of roll-on oil coffret"