GU Pokemon Winter Collection

Introducing the Pokemon Winter Collection from GU. From November 8th, it will be on sale at GU stores and online stores nationwide.

GU Pokemon Winter Collection

The theme of Pokemon's winter collection is "HOME camp" with family and loved ones. A total of 56 types of Pokemon items that can be enjoyed by all men, kids, and baby families, including women's, are available.

In the coming season when it gets colder, room wear will be available for parents and children to enjoy link coordination even at home. For the first baby items, we have 4 types of sweatshirts that are easy to use.

GU Pokemon Winter Collection

GU Pokemon Winter Collection

GU Pokemon Winter Collection

GU Pokemon Winter Collection

Pokemon Winter Collection Overview

Sales period: Started selling at GU stores and online stores nationwide from November 8, 2021. Number of products: 18 types for women, 22 types for men, 12 types for kids, 4 types for babies (56 types in total)
* Items handled differ depending on the store.
* Women's and men's XS, XXL, men's socks 23-25 cm, and kids' 100 cm and 160 cm are limited to online stores.
Price range: 390 yen to 3,490 yen (tax included)

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