Pencil for school children "uni Palette" new color --Pistachio pastel pink and other popular coloring

Introducing new colors from Mitsubishi Pencil's pencil series "uni Palette" for school children. It will be on sale from November 17th.

uni Palette new color

"Uni Palette" is a series of plain stationery for school children (made in Japan) that has been available since 2008. It features a colorful color lineup that spreads paints on the palette used in painting.

The new color to be released this time is a combination of navy, pistachio, silver / black, purple, and pastel pink. From the desire to "support you so that you can enjoy studying with your favorite colors," the axis colors were selected with reference to the color schemes that are popular with children in sports equipment shoes, uniforms, and apparel. Also, in recent years, based on the tendency that pencils with thicker and softer hardness are preferred, it is said that the hardness development is 2B and 4B.

uni Palette New color Product overview

Product name: uni Palette * 1 dozen with 3 colors Product name: 5636 (navy) 2B / 4B, 5637 (purple) 2B / 4B
Axis color: 5636 (navy): navy, pistachio, silver, 5637 (purple): black, purple, pastel pink Hardness: 2B / 4B
Reference price: 1 dozen 660 yen (600 yen excluding tax)