Steam cream "My Neighbor Totoro" "Witch's Takkyubin" "Spirited Away" "Howl's Moving Castle" Limited design mini can

"My Neighbor Totoro," "Witch's Takkyubin," "Spirited Away," and "Howl's Moving Castle" in collaboration with "Steam Cream," a moisturizing cream for the whole body, at "Acorn Republic full of Ghibli" and online shop Sora no Ue. A mini can with a limited design of "Castle" will be released on November 13th. The capacity is 30g (1.06oz) and the price is 990 yen (tax included).

My Neighbor Totoro Steam Cream Totoro and Umbrella mini

A cute stained glass style Totoro design.

Steam Cream "My Neighbor Totoro Steam Cream Totoro and Umbrella mini"

Witch's Takkyubin Steam Cream Gigi and Flower mini

Gigi and flowers are designed based on light blue.

Steam cream "Witch's Takkyubin steam cream Gigi and flower mini"

Spirited Away Steamed Away Boy Mouse and Snack mini

A design with the motif of "Spirited Away", which will be the first appearance. It depicts a lovely little rat eating sweets.

Steam Cream "Spirited Away Steam Cream Bo Mouse and Snack mini"

Howl's Moving Castle Steam Cream Things Surrounding Howl mini

A can with the characters and motifs surrounding Howl incorporated into the overall pattern design. It depicts Howl's accessories, Sophie's hat, Hin and Calcifer.

Steam cream "Howl's moving castle Steam cream The things that surround Howl mini"

Steam cream is a moisturizing cream for the whole body that is softly made with the power of steam. It is recommended that you collect the mini cans that are easy to pick up and use for yourself, or make them a small gift for the Christmas season.