Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail Winter Coffret Winter Casket"

Ueba Esou will sell "Gofun Nail Winter Coffret Winter Small Box" from November 19th to January 31st, 2022 (finished as soon as there are no more products). Available at Ueba Esou Main Store, official online shop, and stores handling whitewash nails nationwide (excluding some stores).

Gofun Nail Winter Coffret Winter Casket

Winter coffret is very popular every year. This year's new color was created by incorporating the voices of the grand prize winners of the 10th anniversary event of whitewash nails, "Nail Design Ude Boast". In addition to one 10ml (0.34us fl oz) each of "Gofun Nail Winter Peony" and "Gofun Nail Lampu", one "Message Card drawn by Kito Prayer" is included. The price is 3,300 yen (tax included).

Ueba Esou's "Gofun Nail Winter Coffret Winter Casket" message card drawn by Mr. Kito Prayer

Gofun nail winter peony

The color of the peony that blooms vividly in the freezing cold and contains the aroma is reproduced with whitewash nails. The deep colors and the lightness of melting snow make this winter special. Although it is gorgeous, it fits well on the skin and matches both kimono and dresses.

Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail Winter Coffret Winter Small Box" "Gofun Nail Winter Peony"

Gofun Nail Western Light

The image of a light that shines brightly in the world of silver with glittering and delicate glitter. When viewed in a bottle, it is slightly pinkish, but when placed on the fingertips, it changes to a bright orange metal color. There is also a slight sense of sheerness, and once applied, it gives an elegant impression, and the more it is layered, the more luxurious it is. Recommended in combination with warm-colored whitewash nails.

Ueba Esou "Gofun Nail Winter Coffret Winter Small Box" "Gofun Nail Western Light (Ramp)"