"Pink", the new color of "Cezanne UV Tone Up Base"

The new color "Pink" of "Cezanne UV Tone Up Base" will be released in late January 2022. The price is 748 yen (tax included).

Cezanne UV Tone Up Base Pink

"UV Tone Up Base" is a glossy skin base that blocks UV rays with SPF50 + / PA ++++. You can easily make off with soap and wash pigment (when using separately), so it is recommended for makeup when you want to rest your skin and for men who do not usually use cleansing. The waterproof prescription is resistant to sweat and water and keeps clear and glossy skin for a long time.

The plate-shaped tone-up powder reflects light uniformly and specularly. Since it also contains soft focus effect powder, the effect of light naturally blurs and covers pores. Contains 5 types of moisturizing ingredients. Free prescription for the skin (fragrance-free, tar-based pigment-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free).

Skin applied with the new color "pink" of "Cezanne UV Tone Up Base"

The new color "Pink" has been adjusted in brightness many times to make it more familiar to the skin. Gives a moderate complexion while leaving a feeling of bare skin, and produces glossy skin. Easy to use regardless of personal color or gender, pink that is neither bluish nor yellowish. Recommended for those who want to create a natural complexion and those who tend to look pale.