Coffret Doll "Smile Up Cheeks S (Magical Flat)"

A limited number of "Smile Up Cheeks S (Magical Flat)" will be released on December 1st from the total make-up brand "Coffret Doll". "Lucent Finish Powder Mini a" is also on sale at the same time.

Smile Up Cheeks S (Magical Flat)

Like a phantom thief, "Pore Phantom Thief Cheek" covers pores that you don't want to stand out so that they can be instantly stolen and erased. While covering the pores and unevenness of the skin, it adds a complexion and gives a soft peach-like finish. Contains pore magic cover powder, jelly coating powder that adheres firmly to the skin and gives it a gloss, hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient that protects the skin from dryness, and water-soluble collagen.

Coffret Doll "Smile Up Cheeks S (Magical Flat)"

Three colors with different impressions, "01 Rose Pink," "02 Coral Pink," and "03 Warm Red," are available to make your skin look beautiful. With a well-balanced color design of cheek color and pore magic cover, it is a color that anyone can use.

Coffret Doll "Smile Up Cheeks S (Magical Flat)"

Lucent Finish Powder Mini a

Adopted a prescription for skin problems that are common in mask makeup such as stickiness, smooth face, pores, and dullness. Four colors and technologies optimize the cover and pearliness. Mini size that you can easily try.

Coffret Doll "Lucent Finish Powder Mini a"