Opera "Lip Tint N 110 Cosmic Red" "Coloring Mascara 101 Midnight Red"

From the opera, the limited color "110 Cosmic Red" of "Lip Tint N" and the limited color "101 Midnight Red" of "Coloring Mascara" will be released on December 1st. The theme this time is "COSMIC RED".

Lip Tint N 110 Cosmic Red

"110 Cosmic Red" has blue and green glitter that reminds you of the blink of the night sky in clear red. It is a special red that has a mysterious charm and a free-spirited cuteness that illuminates the surroundings.

Opera "Lip Tint N 110 Cosmic Red"

"Lip Tint N" is a tint formula that colors in response to the moisture in the lips. The natural complexion continues as if the lips themselves were colored from the inside. By blending the oil, a pure texture is created, giving a soft and sophisticated impression.

Opera "Lip Tint N 110 Cosmic Red"

Keeps moisture with a formula based on eco-friendly sugar cane-derived squalane oil. It stretches smoothly even on dry lips and is stress-free.

Sold at variety shops and Imyu official online stores nationwide. The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

Coloring mascara 101 midnight red

"101 Midnight Red" is a deep red with a deep red layered with fine red pearls. It is a color that has a depth like midnight and a quiet sparkle.

Opera "Coloring Mascara 101 Midnight Red"

The color film liquid coats each eyelash and develops a vivid color as you see it. With a slim brush that is easy to handle, the brush penetrates into the base of the eyelashes and the creases, and catches the eyelashes firmly.

Opera "Coloring Mascara 101 Midnight Red"

A film type that is resistant to sweat, sebum, tears, and rubbing. Since the film is soaked in hot water and can be easily removed, it can be easily turned off without straining the eyelashes.

Sold at Imyu official online store. The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).