Local face mask "Travel Lulurun"

Twenty-five types of local face mask "Travel Lulurun" will be on sale from 10:00 on December 3rd to 23:59 on December 12th on the special page of the official online store.

Lululun to travel

"Travel Lululun" is a product developed as a face mask limited to the area by finding the secret of beauty, which is a material that can only be found in that area. This time, while you can't travel casually yet, online sales will be carried out with the desire to experience the feeling of going all over the country with your skin.

Local face mask "Travel Lulurun"

Introducing Lulurun, which has a great moisturizing effect in winter when you are worried about dryness. Part of the lineup is as follows.

Local face mask "Travel Lulurun"

Kyoto Lulurun Maiko Skin Mask

Contains mokuro (moisturizing ingredient), the main ingredient of bottled oil, which supports traditional culture, and lees extract (skin conditioning ingredient), which was born from a long-established sake brewery in Kyoto. A special care mask that blends in with the secrets of beauty that has been handed down in Kyoto, leading to a moisturized skin. 1 piece x 5 bags 1,650 yen (tax included, same below).

Shodoshima Lulurun Olive Mask

Contains olive leaf extract from Shodoshima and Toumitsu, a moisturizing ingredient derived from the high-grade sugar "Wasanbon" born in Kagawa. A special care mask that blends in with the blessings of Setouchi for fresh and radiant skin. 1 piece x 5 bags 1,650 yen.

Ise Lulurun Pearl (Floral Pearl Fragrance)

Contains pearl extract extracted from Shima's pearls and oyster leaf extract using Ise's Rendaiji persimmon. Moisturizes the skin and leads to moist and well-textured skin like the brilliance of pearls. 1 piece x 5 bags 1,650 yen.

Hakone Rururun (gentle scent of roses)

Extracts Hakone rose extract that is rooted only in the Hakone area. Hakone rose extract with high moisturizing power delivers gentle moisture. 7 pieces x 4 bags 1,760 yen.

Hokkaido Lulurun (scent of melon)

In addition to the highly moisturizing oil obtained from Hokkaido melon seeds, it contains plenty of Hokkaido kelp extract and Hokkaido perilla extract. Condition the skin environment. 7 pieces x 5 bags 1,760 yen.