Excel "Extra Rich Powder '22" "Setting Oil Mist"

Excel sells a limited number of skin care powder "Extra Rich Powder '22" and makeup fixer "Setting Oil Mist".

Extra Rich Powder '22

"Extra Rich Powder", which has been released every winter since 2015, has been upgraded. Adopting a new formula that hardens and does not spread sebum in the pores, it prevents shine and keeps a beautiful finish. A luxurious blend of "lipidure" that keeps moisture and three types of vitamins (vitamin A derivative, vitamin B, and vitamin C derivative) enhances the skin care effect.

There are two types of colors: "01 Peach Beige" for a matte texture and "02 Peach Glow" for a glossy skin. The price is 2,640 yen (tax included).

Excel "Extra Rich Powder '22"

Comes with a soft and comfortable puff. A stretchable net container is used, and the powder can be evenly removed from the puff just by pressing it from above.

Excel "Extra Rich Powder '22" puff

The package uses the first paper box of "Extra Rich Powder". It is a watercolor design only for this winter, making the best use of the soft texture of natural objects.

Excel "Extra Rich Powder '22"

Setting oil mist

A mist-type make-up fixer that moisturizes and glosses the skin with beauty oil in. Contains 3 types of vitamins, ceramides, and Lipidure as beauty essence ingredients that protect the skin from dryness, and a coating ingredient that makes makeup adhere and makes it difficult to twist. Just spray it on your skin to keep a beautiful finish for a long time.

A moist feeling while sticking tightly. The fine mist and the refreshing scent of bergamot and geranium essential oil refresh your mood. Also recommended as a measure against the collapse of mask makeup.

Excel "Setting Oil Mist"

A limited design that gives a delicate impression like an accessory while expressing the soft texture of natural objects with art. A slim container that is easy to carry, and can be easily used even when you are concerned about dryness on the go. The price is 1,320 yen (tax included).