Sarabeth lucky bag "2022 Happy bag" mug, teapot, baked goods, meal ticket, etc. set

The lucky bag "2022 Happy Bag" (6,000 yen, tax included) from the restaurant "Sarabes" that originated in New York is now available. Reservations will be accepted from December 6th at 4 stores in Japan (LUMINE Shinjuku store / Shinagawa store / Tokyo store / Nagoya store).

Sarabeth lucky bag "2022 Happy bag"

A gift box containing a mug with a self-portrait illustration by Sarabeth founder and owner Sarabeth Levine, a universal teapot, baked goods, and tea leaf cans from NY's premium tea brand "Harney & Sons" can be used at the store where you purchased the product. A product that includes a meal ticket (2,000 yen).

All the items in the gift box are the same as those used in the store, and you can enjoy the feeling of cafe time at Sarabeth at home. The mug is used only at the Nagoya store, and other stores use differently designed cups.

Sarabeth lucky bag "2022 Happy bag" sales overview

Reservation period:
December 6th (Monday) to 25th (Saturday), 2021
* Reception at each store (store or phone): "2022 Happy Bag" 6,000 yen (tax included) Reservation limited sale, original mug, universal teapot (for 3 people)
・ Baked confectionery ・ Harney & Sons tea can ・ Sarabeth meal ticket 2,000 yen (500 yen x 4)
* Up to 3 per person.
* You cannot choose the color of the teapot or the flavor of black tea.
* Meal tickets can be used as part of the in-store food and drink price at Sarabeth domestic stores. One per person per use. The expiration date is the end of June 2022.
From Sunday, January 2, 2022
* Delivery from January 3rd at Shinagawa store, December 29th to 31st at LUMINE Shinjuku store, or after January 4th.
* The delivery date and the number of units sold differ depending on the store. Please check with each store for details.
"Sarabeth" LUMINE Shinjuku store / Shinagawa store / Tokyo store / Nagoya store