Rush "Lucky Tiger"

A limited number of bath bombs "Lucky Tiger" with the motif of the 2022 zodiac tiger will be released on December 26th at 75 rush stores and online stores. At the same time, "Luna New Year Knot Wrap" is also available.

Lucky tiger

Tora's bath bomb, which is the zodiac of 2022, covered with glittering golden glitter. Color the water surface with glittering and gorgeous colors. A sweet, stimulating, spicy, yet classic scent that blends patchouli and abies sibirica with the warm scent of uplifting Brazilian sweet orange oil. Patchouli is purchased from the Gayonese Permaculture Center in Sumatra, Indonesia. The price is 980 yen (tax included).

Rush "Lucky Tiger"

Luna New Year Knot Wrap

Knot wrap (Rush original furoshiki) made of 100% organic cotton. Inspired by boldness, strength, and self-love that makes you feel at ease in being yourself. Traditional Thai Sakuyan tattoos that use tigers as a symbol of strength, protection, and good luck (one of the mysterious powers to protect yourself from death, defeat, injury, etc. from ancient times, on the backs of soldiers and others I was influenced by the esoteric character tattoo on my arm). The size is 70 cm x 70 cm. The price is 700 yen (tax included).

Rush "Luna New Year Knot Wrap"