Kai "Sumikko Gurashi Nail Clipper S" "Sumikko Gurashi Poly Hair Brush"

Kai's new designs for "Sumikko Gurashi Nail Clippers S" and "Sumikko Gurashi Poly Hair Brush" are on sale in limited quantities. Handled at drug stores, home centers, major mass retailers, etc. nationwide (excluding some stores).

Sumikko Gurashi Nail Clipper S

A sharp stainless curved blade with a stopper case that prevents the cut nails from scattering. Sharpness and usability are pursued so that it is easy to use without stress. The small size of about 7 cm makes it easy to turn, and it is possible to cut little by little while reducing the burden on the nails.

Kai "Sumikko Gurashi Nail Clipper S"

There are two colors, blue and pink. It is a design that is healed by the lovely characters. The price is 715 yen (tax included).

Sumikko Gurashi Poly Hair Brush

A hairbrush that is easy to use not only for brushing before and after shampoo, but also for blowing and styling. Moderate cushioning and rounded brush tips comfortably stimulate the hair and scalp.

Kai "Sumikkogurashi Poly Hair Brush"

There are five designs, the popular Sumikko Gurashi characters "Polar Bear", "Penguins?", "Cat", "Lizard", and "Tonkatsu". The pale color and round shape are cute and will entertain your daily hair care time. The price is 660 yen (tax included).

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