Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Sakura

From the hair care series "Diane Perfect Beauty", the spring-only "Miracle You Sakura" will be released on January 10, 2022. Handling at drug stores and variety shops. The shampoo & treatment set (450mL x 2) is priced at 1,320 yen (tax included).

Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Sakura

A spring-only product that has been popular for two consecutive years since 2019. A generous amount of Yae-zakura extract from Iwate prefecture and a rare sake lees extract made from yeast derived from Yae-zakura. The moisturizing effect keeps the hair and scalp fresh. Peony flower extract prevents drying due to UV damage and gives a soft finish. Shining keratin made of ingredients close to hair leads to glossy hair.

Double cherry blossoms in Iwate prefecture

The ingredients and scents used include sustainable ingredients based on the SDGs. For example, a tree called black spruce is also used as a material for furniture, paper, and tasting, but the bark was just thrown away. The color-keeping component of hair is extracted from this discarded bark. It is used as an up-cycle raw material.

The scent of cherry blossom that feels spring. The scent with a strong presence unique to Diane enhances the cuteness of adult women.