"Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder" New Colors "04 Mauve Brown" and "05 Coral Brown"

From "Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder", new colors "04 Mauve Brown" and "05 Coral Brown" will be on sale from mid-February 2022. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder

A powder-type eyebrow with a three-color gradation that can also be used for nose shadows. Three carefully selected colors are set to give a three-dimensional effect to the eyebrows. Simply change the area to be painted for each color, and you can easily create a clean eyebrow.

How to use Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder

The brightest color is designed to be familiar to the skin so that it can also be used as a nose shadow. A double-end brush that can be used properly for eyebrow and nose shadow is adopted. Since it contains sebum-adsorbing powder, it does not easily come off and keeps your eyebrows soft and beautiful for a long time. Fragrance-free and mineral oil-free. When used separately, it can be easily removed with a face wash.

Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder Chips

04 Mauve Brown

A calm color that creates an elegant impression. Pursuing ease of use, it is an adult mauve color that is not too purple.

"Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder" New Color "04 Mauve Brown"

05 Coral brown

A pale coral color that creates a gentle and bright atmosphere. With a slightly sweet complexion, it makes your complexion look brighter.

"Cezanne Nose & Eyebrow Powder" New Color "05 Coral Brown"