Savon "Citrus Blossom Collection"

Savon will release the "Citrus Blossom Collection" with a gorgeous shiny citrus scent on December 26th.

Citrus Blossom Collection

A gorgeous shiny citrus scent of fruits such as bergamot and mandarin and flowers such as jasmine. In addition to body care including newly added items, we have a rich lineup of fragrances and home items, and will appear as a standard collection.

Savon "Citrus Blossom Collection"

Shower oil citrus blossom

A body soap that removes dirt while moisturizing the skin with 4 types of botanical oils. Fine and rich foam wraps the skin, leading to moist and soft skin. 500mL 3,740 yen / 300mL 2,750 yen (tax included, same below).

Sabon "Shower Oil Citrus Blossom"

Body Scrub Citrus Blossom

A salt-in-oil prescription body scrub that polishes your skin to a smooth, glossy finish. Contains mineral-rich Dead Sea salt and 4 types of botanical oils to gently remove dead skin cells while moisturizing them, leading to glossy skin. 600g (21.16oz) 5,390 yen / 320g (11.29oz) 3,740 yen.

Savon "Body Scrub Citrus Blossom"

Repair Body Cream Citrus Blossom

A vegan prescription body cream that provides intensive care for dry damage through a moisturizing barrier. Jericho Rose and Shea Butter moisturize and protect dry skin. 200mL 4,620 yen.

Savon "Repair Body Cream Citrus Blossom"

In addition, body lotion and body jelly are available. There will also be a limited edition kit that will allow you to enjoy the "Citrus Blossom Collection" to your heart's content.