"KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods" Appears --Pen Tate Calendar 2022, Nakayoshi Chokinbako

A kids menu with "KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods" is now available at KFC stores nationwide. It will be sold in limited quantities from December 27th.

KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods

Introducing a KFC original design calendar and piggy bank designed by Snoopy and others. The material is cardboard and the size is about A3 (before assembly).

"Pen Tate Calendar 2022" is a lively design with many popular peanut characters. Snoopy and others appear with food that is inspired by KFC, and depicts a scene where they are enjoying a meal at home. An excellent item that can be used as a pen stand by stacking three parts. You can enjoy it by exchanging parts and making it your favorite pen stand.

"Nakayoshi Chokinbako" is a "hug design" in which Charlie Brown moves and hugs Snoopy when you put in money. It is a piggy bank that you will never get tired of looking at.

KFC Original Snoopy Kids Goods Overview

Product name:
"Kids nugget set" 500 yen (3 pieces of nugget, potato (S), drink (S), 1 goods)
"Kids crispy set" 500 yen (kernel crispy, potato (S), drink (S), 1 goods)
* The listed price includes tax.
Release date: Monday, December 27, 2021
* Limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.
Sales stores: KFC stores nationwide * Some stores do not sell.
* Business hours may be changed or closed according to the policy of each local government.

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